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Dale Winters


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Dale Winters, Melbourne-born Australian musician, was always destined to perform. Practically raised with a guitar in hand, he became an impressionably talented musician and song writer at a very young age. As lead guitarist for Aussie rock band 'London Cries' (formerly Juke Kartel), Dale travelled the world, playing arena shows in Norway, New Zealand, America, Australia and Iceland, to name a few. Performing over 50 shows in the Los Angeles entertainment belt as well as touring the US and Australia on rock festivals and radio tours, Dale made an incredible mark in the hearts of many music lovers worldwide.

Playing with notables such as Slash & Friends, Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Navarro, Fergie, Billy Idol, Andrew Stockdale, Chester Bennington, Travis Barker, Nickelback, Seether, Fuel, Rockstar Supernova, Dave could hold his own as a gifted and passionate musician. Among many other performances, Dale played at the Quart Music Festival for 30,000 people; a performance at the Los Angeles Youth Network benefit and opening for Slash's 'SLASHER FILMS' Sundance Launch Party in Park City, UT. He's played at Dodger Stadium LA, Sydney World Cup Finals, Formula One Grand Prix, SXSW Austin Texas and SXSW Los Angeles - The list goes on. Music has long been a passion of Dale's and it's evident in the many musical projects he's involved with. Dale also leads his own band which just recently released their first EP. Dale currently plays around Melbourne in many different forms, whether it would be as a soloist, duo or fronting a full band. The diversity of Dale's music knowledge ranges from the ability to play a myriad of instruments to the many genres he executes with aplomb, whether he's shredding out a rock song from his lead guitar, beguiling with a gentle classic on acoustic or cruising with the blues. Dale's soul lies in Rhythm & Blues. He lives it; he breathes it. Music isn't just a passion for Dale, it's a way of life and with his exceptional writing skills, extraordinary vocals and killer guitar mastery; you will not forget Dale Winters; a consummate professional, musician, entertainer and an all-round decent bloke.


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