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The Veronicas are one of Australia's most successful international acts, with top ten and number one hits around the globe.

For twin sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, The Veronicas metamorphosis from emo-pop rebel teenagers into grown women with strong opinions and a distinctive direction, is due to a fateful expedition of creativity and maturity. And while sassy hooks and anthemic call-to-action choruses have been a constant in the discography of The Veronicas, the evolution of their music has mirrored the personal growth that comes with being in spotlight for over a decade, with no sign of the light going out. In fact, the last four years have seen The Veronicas enjoy two of their biggest ever international hits, and an all new level of fame.

The Veronicas took the world by storm in 2005 with hit after hit ... "4Ever", "When It All Falls Apart" and "Everything I'm Not" became instant classics and the album "The Secret Life Of" ... went to number two on the ARIA Album Chart. Not content to rest on their laurels, in 20017 The Veronicas then smashed out four huge singles from their second album ... "Hook Me Up", "Untouched", "This Love" and "Take Me On The Floor". "Untouched" became a worldwide smash, hitting number one in Ireland, and top ten in Canada, New Zealand, the UK, the USA and the combined European chart.

Following the release of their "Hook Me Up" album which went to number two on the ARIA Album Chart, The Veronicas toured extensively around Australia, North America, Europe and Asia, building on their growing fan-base. In 2010, the duo took a break for six months before re-entering the studio to begin work on their third album in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville and Sweden.

In 2014, The Veronicas' patience paid off, as the sisters signed a new worldwide record deal with Sony Music, and began finishing off their brand-new album, "The Veronicas". The first taster from the set, was the brave, and earnestly-beautiful "You Ruin Me" ballad, which debuted at #1 on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart, holding the position for three consecutive weeks and achieving Double Platinum sales. You Ruin Me was also a top ten hit in the UK.

The follow up single, "If You Love Someone" debuted at number five on the Australian ARIA Chart, and has become somewhat of an uplifting prayer when played live.
In 2016, The Veronicas released their juggernaut single "In My Blood" which achieved huge chart success in Australia, peaking at number one, their third single to each that esteemed position.

Their next single's music video "On Your Side" premiered in November 2016, and that same month the sisters hosted the ARIA Music Awards, providing a topless performance of "In My Blood." Their performance at the ARIA's send pulses souring and cemented The Veronicas reputation for being edgy and unconventional artists who are prepared to take risks.

The Veronicas' strength and appeal lies in the fact that despite the darker, brooding, wrought undercurrent of their music, their affinity with strong melodies and pop sensibilities allows listeners in, and to relate to their emotions. The Veronicas are intelligent enough writers and musicians to realise that the celebration of pop doesn't have to be mutually exclusive from the darker elements of our human psyche. Themes of love, hurt, rage, break-ups and desire intoxicatingly swirl together on The Veronicas, and the result is a dramatic collision of intrigue and musical-character.

"To me, in music there's absolutely no rules," Lisa says categorically. "We've never felt we needed to be anything other than who we are. Technically it doesn't matter if you can do all the vocal gymnastics, it's about connecting with that really real place within you and telling the story you need to tell. We're not going to pretend we're the pop princesses or the emo chicks - we're a bit of everything, it depends on the day, and it depends on our moods. We tend to draw from our life experiences, and when we feel, we feel very deeply, and very intensely. We're complicated women!"
Make no mistake, The Veronicas are back. Reborn, reinvigorated, and ready to reveal their tender, fragile seduction... before they switch it up, look you square in the eyes, and knock you out!


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