May 23rd 2019

Global restaurant chain, TGI Fridays have today announced they’ll be getting behind Australian musicians, revealing they’ll be rolling out live original music with regular gigs and showcases in-house across their Australian restaurants (Chadstone, Eastland and Melbourne Central in Victoria, Modbury in Adelaide, Westfield Carousel in Perth, North Rhyde and East Maitland in NSW) from June 21.

Live music will be booked by entertainment solutions service, Generation, heralded by Marcus Knight who is himself an illustrious DJ, music producer, songwriter and also the director of Generation. Having worked regularly with the likes of Sony Music and Mushroom Music, Knight is across all things Aussie music and cannot wait to have a hand in providing this brilliant live platform for Australian talent.

Knight enthuses, “We are looking forward to providing a new platform and opportunity for emerging Australian talent to showcase their original music, along with unique renditions of popular classic and current music in a more family friendly environment. TGI Fridays are synonymous with family, friends and after work gatherings globally. Enhancing patron experience with entertainment provides that additional dynamic element suitable for pre-drinks, dining and other special occasions. I have always held the view the right entertainment can provide strategic agility to a venue’s core products. Director James Sinclair and his progressive team at TGI Fridays have been fantastic in developing our collective vision as we continue to focus and maximise customer experience”.

Each artist booked will be considered according to the location of the restaurant, while Generation hopes to book a variety of acts within the funk, soul, disco and folk genres, with both live acts and DJs on the roster, as Knight says, “Our objective is to enhance the experience that is TGI Fridays. Our initial focus will be to book emerging solo acoustic vocal acts performing easy listening original songs alongside interesting renditions of well-known music that will be enjoyable across all demographics. When DJs are required, we are keen to engage with talent who have some creative flair in delivering funk, soul and disco mixes of classic and current releases.”

TGI Fridays patrons can expect to enjoy a wide variety of artists in restaurants across Australia, and can also be happy in the knowledge that these performances are breaking new ground in the realm of family-friendly entertainment and support for Australian music.

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