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About Generation Entertainment Group

Generation Entertainment Group was established in 1998 by music producer and businessman Marcus Knight to provide strategic consultation to the entertainment and hospitality sector, contributing creative and commercial entertainment solutions.

The scale of events ranges from exclusive special events, festivals, concerts, nightclubs, bars and restaurants Australia wide.

Current clients include

Premier Artists (part of Mushroom Group) in a Creative, Business and Sponsorship Development role.
Music Liaison for The Royal Melbourne Hospital Music Therapy Department.

Scope & Supply Of Services

Collaborating with stakeholders to curate live music and electronic entertainment based events.
Brokering negotiations, working visas, ground transportation, accommodation and other related logistics as required to secure appearances of established and emerging national and international talent through our extended booking and touring network.
Coordinating and collaborating on ticketing, promotions, and marketing strategies.
Developing and capturing database strategies.

Generation Entertainment Group has a unique understanding and experience of having worked at various levels within the entertainment ecosystem to ensure clients receive strategic advice within a constantly evolving environment.

Past & Present Clients Have Included