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Led by a pair of Kiwi twin brothers, Joey Gat and Pukz, Sydney based Soul/Funk/Reggae outfit Leisure Bandits have a unique flavour, with echoes of their heritage, underpinned with a modern production aesthetic. Silky vocals, tough beats, booming basslines, lush keys and guitars, all the ingredients required.

From humble beginnings the Leisure Bandits started out busking on the streets, perfecting their repertoire while building up their powerful voices and developing an energetic live show. Not confined by a style or genre their unique fusion of soulful sounds, reggae vibes and funky grooves never fails to pack out dance floors!

Lead singer Joey Gat is a natural performer with boundless energy and a captivating onstage presence. When Gat starts singing he instantly holds the audience in the palm of his hand and moves them to the dance floor. Joey's twin brother, vocalist and guitarist Pukz, is the other voice to this outfit. With a sound that's smooth and soulful he creates beautiful harmonies that complement his brother's lead perfectly. These brothers have a connection so strong, it's something we like to call "twintuition" or "twinstinct", each can musically read the others mind.

The Leisure Bandits have been gaining industry respect all over Australia. Wrapping up 2012 with an east coast tour, unforgettable performances at Island Vibe Festival and Subsonic Music Festival. They have blazed into 2013 with performances at the Australian Blues Festival, Big Pineapple Festival, Gumball Festival and many more coming up! With upcoming single releases and a national tour planned, there seems to be no coming down for these party starters!!


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