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Jakey Kak

House Music

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Jakey's passion for music started from a young age, before he could barely walk you would be able to find him rocking out on an old electric organ from his grandparents house. At the age of 12 he purchased his first guitar and became a self taught guitarist who still loves to get down to all of his favourite old school rock records.

Fast forward and The Ministry of Sound CD's in the mid to late 2000's influenced his taste in music which led him down the electronic music path. He then bought his first DJ decks at 15 and began DJing at parties. From his first party he was booked for a Scout Hall in Clayton, by 17 he was booked out every Friday and Saturday night for 16th, 18th and 21st Birthday parties. Jakey's first international gig was in Fiji whilst he was on holiday with his family, from there he eventually worked his way up to play at other well known clubs and parties, some include: Tropicana Mykonos, Bora Bora Ibiza, Jojo's Santorini, Versace Palazzo Las Vegas, Full Moon Party Thailand & Far Out Beach Club Ios.

Jakey's involvement in Melbourne's nightlife industry started in 2009 at Motel, where he landed his first residency. This opened up doors to venues such as Trak, Love Machine, Seven, Tryst & Room. Jakey is always looking to take on more projects but for now he is happy controlling the room and crowds with his music.


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