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Bert Bevans is considered by his peers in the music industry to be one of the forefathers of dance music. Playing an integral role in the development of dance music in New York and Europe since emerging during the 70's with Larry Levan and Francois K.

Bert started DJing in the early 70's at the traditional house or block parties in Hollis, Queens - Home of Russell Simmons, DMX, LL Cool J, Run DMC and a host of countless others. His big break came, when he was hired to play private parties at Studio 54, New York City's illustrious nightclub, and playground for the rich and famous. From there he went on to work for illustrious Prelude Records. From the late 70's to the 80's Prelude was NY's Premier dance label with Francois K doing all of Prelude's mixes. The NY disco scene was in full swing, and Bert had residencies at many of New York's top clubs including Playboy Club, Pippins, Xenon's, Bond's, Mudd Club, and Infinity. With all this happening the wonderful Reade St was soon to become the legendary Paradise Garage. By now, Bert was playing private parties for the likes of Mick Jagger, Sylvester Stallone, Diana Ross, Halston, Grace Jones, Marvin Gaye, and Steve Wonder.
Having met the Thompson Twins in NY, he met them again with producer Alex Sadkin recording their "We are Detective's" LP. He was asked to remix the 12-inch "Lies". With that becoming a Top 10 hit in England and US. After that came a variety of remixes for the Style Council, Level 42, Paul McCartney, Duane Eddy, Chic, Depeche Mode, Terumasa Hino, Big Audio Dynamite, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Luther Vandross, Omar, and a host of others. When Rusty Egan and Steve Strange opened Camden Palace, he got a job DJing along with Colin Favour and Evil Eddie Richard's. Moving between NY, London, and Brussels, he alternated between DJing and remixing.

In 1991, he met his old friend Justin Berkmann who was building a new "Paradise Garage sound system" in a new club in London, which was to open up in September... The club was none other than the Ministry of Sound. Bert had stopped DJing to concentrate on remixing so he said he would do lights, (as most NY DJ's had done), for a while to get his club ears back but he wanted to play music again.

Ended up being one of the first ever residents at Ministry of Sound, along with Larry Levan & Justin Berkmann. Since then, this superlative DJ, producer and remixer has been blessed with the good fortune to travel across the globe spinning records in almost every major nightclub you can think of.

Bert's mixing prowess is legendary and his dedication to his craft has enabled him to transcend time and adapt to the constant transformations within the music industry. Bert Bevans' spiritual interpretation of rhythm and his unceasing passion for music is the driving force behind his longevity within the music industry.


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